This presentation will review the standard CCDC cost plus prime contract between the owner and prime contractor. This will include explaining when to use CCDC 3 and the challenges that can arise with cost plus contracts. Among other topics, the document authors will provide a detailed analysis of the different risk profile compared to the standard CCDC 2 (including correcting defective work and subcontractor performance), what costs are eligible for reimbursement as part of the cost of the work, the basis of the contractor’s fee (percentage vs fixed amount), and the contractor’s execution plan, covering the procurement of subcontract work, use of the contractor’s own forces, and the anticipated cash flow for progress payments and cost reports.

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CCDC developed the CCDC 31 to replace ACEC’s Document 31. Similar to other CCDC documents, CCDC 31 was developed with input from Owner representatives, providing a balanced approach in its drafting. This document also adopts standard CCDC terminology, found throughout the suite of CCDC documents.

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