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Check out our upcoming schedule of CCDC Document Webinars. These author-led sessions will explain the underlying principles behind the industry leading documents to help users best navigate and utilize them. 

Introducing CCDC Document Webinars, an exciting new initiative aimed at providing information and guidance about the content and use of our standard construction documents. These author-led sessions are designed to explain the foundation behind the CCDC standard documents and teach you their correct application and use on your time. The sessions are available for purchase to watch on-demand. Documents are available for purchase from our document outlets. Please see our upcoming schedule below.

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Upcoming Webinars

CCDC developed the CCDC 31 to replace ACEC’s Document 31. Similar to other CCDC documents, CCDC 31 was developed with input from Owner representatives, providing a balanced approach in its drafting. This document also adopts standard CCDC terminology, found throughout the suite of CCDC documents.

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